Aqua Culture Consultancy

We are in the field of Aqua culture business since 1995. Our Activities include prawn Farming and Aqua culture consultancy.

"Consulting for sustainable Aqua Culture"

We have 25 years of Experience in Project Implementation and Overall Operations of different Aquaculture Projects across India and Overseas. We have good understanding of the global aquaculture value chain. We have specialise in providing technical support, For both new and existing projects we can provide a good solution and bring solutions that improve your business.

With our good experience we see ourselves as the perfect partner to carry out operational audits at aquaculture facilities. We can thoroughly investigate infrastructure, health and safety, biosecurity, equipment and protocols and their implementation concerning, animal welfare, risk management, sustainability and certification.

We provide training and support on farm design, biosecurity, water quality management, prawn health, farm maintenance and general farm operation. We are happy to share our knowledge for our customers.